Meeting Date:           September 8, 2008


From:                          James Feagle, Deputy Director of Public Works


Subject:                      Additional Information Regarding Structural Integrity of Girl Scout Building



Staff Recommendation:

Staff collected the additional information requested by the City Commission regarding the Girl Scout Building.  Because of the history and the uniqueness of the Girl Scout Building, staff is providing this collected information to the Commission for direction regarding the building’s future.



On April 14, 2008, staff presented options to the City Commission to determine the future of the Girl Scout Building.  At that time, the Commission requested additional information regarding the structural integrity of the building.  At the April 14, 2008 meeting, Boyle Engineering offered to inspect and report on the condition of the building at no cost.  The investigation by Boyle determined the construction of the foundation was not adequate to support the A-frame structure.  Universal Engineering also offered to do a geotechnical exploration of the site at no cost, which included auger borings, and water table and soil analysis to determine if ground conditions were causing the frame to crack.


As a result of the studies by Boyle Engineering and Universal Engineering, staff  estimates that an additional cost of $35,000.00 to $50,000.00 for repairs will be necessary, in addition to the foundation, which will  bring the estimated total to $85,000.00.


The building is an A-frame construction of approximately 720 square feet, and was built in 1958 for the Girl Scouts.  The condition of the building has deteriorated to a point that it is no longer used.  Staff has investigated the following options for the facility:


·     Option 1 is demolition.  Staff received three  quotes, with the lowest at $10,600.00 from Cochran’s Excavating. 

·     Option 2 is to repair the building (re-roof, replace roof deck, repair the foundation, HVAC, and interior repairs) at an estimated cost of $85,000.00.








1.  Direction from the Commission to demolish or repair the Girl Scout Building, or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

Total cost to repair the building as detailed above is approximately $85,000.00.  Funds of $15,000.00 were initially designated in the FY 06/07 budget for the Girl Scout Hut demolition.  During the rollover process funds of $14,190 were rolled into the FY 07/08 budget.  The Facility Maintenance Division budget has $14,190.00 designated and currently available for the Girl Scout Building. 


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