Meeting Date:           November 10, 2008


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Inventory


Subject:                      Resolutions authorizing continuing services agreements with the three firms listed to provide professional planning services on an as needed basis



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the resolutions authorizing execution of a continuing services agreement with LPG Urban & Regional Planners, Miller-Legg, and Renaissance Planning Group.



The purpose of this solicitation is to establish a continuing services agreement with no more than three qualified firms to provide professional planning services as provided by FS 287.055, the Consultant’s Competitive Negotiations Act (CCNA).  


The scope of professional planning services includes but, is not limited to:



For future projects, the City will negotiate the technical aspects of the scope of work, deliverables, schedule and fee on a project-by-project basis.   Tasks will be estimated and billed at hourly rates in accordance with the professional’s fee schedule.


The Purchasing Division issued Request for Qualifications (RFQ) number 80123 inviting interested and qualified firms to submit Qualifications Statements which demonstrated the professional qualifications and competence of their organization.


The City received qualification statements from 18 firms.  An evaluation committee consisting of staff from the City Managers’ Office, Planning, and Public Works familiar with planning matters evaluated the responses detailing their organization’s qualifications and competence.  Fundamental source selection principles stress the need to strictly adhere to the evaluation criteria set forth in the RFQ.  The proposals were evaluated by the committee in a fair, uniform, and objective manner solely in accordance with the evaluation criteria.


The result of those evaluations is detailed in the ranking list included here.




Firm Name

Overall Ranking

LPG Urban & Regional Planners, Inc.


Miller – Legg


Renaissance Planning Group


Wilson – Miller


Glatting, Jackson, Kercher, Anglica


Martin & Vargas Design


Land Design Innovations


IBI Group


Strategic Planning Group


B & H Consultants, Inc.


Canin Associates


Green Consulting Group


TMH Consulting, Inc.


Ivey Planning Group


Booth, Ern, Straughan & Hiott (BESH)


Houston Guozzo Group


GDS Planning Consultants


Delisi Fitzgerald, Inc.



For each firm evaluated, raw point scores assigned by each member were totaled and converted to a ranking.  The rankings for each firm were totaled and then converted to an overall ordinal score.  Using this method has proven to minimize the effects of large variances in any one evaluators’ scoring.


Three firms were selected as each does have expertise in an area where one of the others may not. For example one may specialize in process review and analysis while another may specialize in planning for airports.  Staff selected three firms in order to meet any possible planning related services required by the City.




1.         Approve execution of the agreements with the top three firms as listed; or

2.         Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate.


Fiscal Impact:

The actual fiscal impact is unknown at this time.    Actual expenditures will depend on hours billed for fee based services.  Projects will be estimated and detailed in separate  task orders.  The cost of the project based work will be charged to the specific project.  As future projects are identified commission approval will be sought when the project cost warrants such approval.  


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