Meeting Date:           December 8, 2008


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Purchase requisition 40249 to refurbish an existing Vactor Brand sewer truck by Environmental Products for the Fleet Services Division



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of purchase requisition 40249 to Environmental Products to refurbish unit #79 a Vactor sewer truck for $68,915.58 and authorize the trade-in of street sweeper #990 for a credit of $30,000.00.  The net cost of refurbishing unit #79 will be $38,915.58.



The Fleet Services division has planned to refurbish unit #79 a Vactor sewer truck in order to extend the life of the truck five years.  The work to be performed will include a complete rebuild of all the body functional wear parts, install new tires, paint the entire truck and replace worn interior cab parts.  Environmental Products of Florida is the authorized distributor of Vactor brand sewer cleaners in the state of Florida.


The City has a 2002 Elgin sweeper body mounted on a 2002 Sterling SC8000 cab & chassis (unit #990) that was removed from service last fiscal year after purchasing a replacement sweeper.  In addition to being the authorized distributor of Vactor Sewer Cleaners, Florida Environmental Products also refurbishes and sells sweepers.  They have offered a $30,000.00 trade-in credit on our sweeper unit #990.



1.  Approve purchase requisition 40249 for refurbishing unit #79 and authorize the trade-in of

     unit #990 for $30,000.00; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact

Of the total budget shown below, $70,000 was budgeted for refurbishing this piece of equipment.  The $30,000.00 trade-in allowance for unit 990 will offset the overage on the purchase of the 2008 Mack Truck.



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