Meeting Date:           December 22, 2008


From:                          Chief William J Chrisman


Subject:                      Request to form Volunteer Citizens on Patrol Unit



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends using adult volunteers within the community to patrol the streets and business parking lots of Leesburg. Volunteers will be trained to report detected suspicious activity directly to the Police Department. Volunteers will limit their actions to reporting suspicious activity and by providing aid to motorists in distress.



Using volunteers to patrol the community, to aid Officers in roadside assistance, and reporting suspicious activity, will ease the burden of calls taken by the Police Department.  This will allow priority calls for assistance to be taken more efficiently at a significantly lower cost to the City of Leesburg.



1.  Approve the Police Department to form a Volunteer Citizens on Patrol Unit. or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate


Fiscal Impact:

Existing vehicles that have been declared surplus will be put back in service. Insurance, fuel, and maintenance cost to run two vehicles for two years will be $6,800.00.  Polo style shirts for volunteers will  cost $19.95 per shirt.



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Department: Leesburg Police Department

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