Meeting Date:           May 11, 2009


From:                          Mike Thornton, Purchasing Manager


Subject:                      Requisition #40843 to Perma-Liner Industries, Inc., a sole source vendor, for the purchase of Lateral Lining materials and the instruction and training to use said materials



Staff Recommendation:

Environmental Services staff recommends approval of Requisition #40843 to Perma-Liner Industries, Inc. (PLI) for $29,226.65 to purchase Lateral Lining materials and training.



The purpose of this purchase of Lateral Lining materials is to standardize this equipment.  PLI headquartered in Largo, Florida developed the Liner and is the sole source vendor for the cured in place mainline repair kits the City currently uses.  Leaking pipes can be relined in a few hours and the product comes with a 50 year warranty.


The Liner resembles a long thin trash bag.  Two special liquids are spread inside the liner which is then fed onto an inverter which shoots the liner into piping.  A balloon type device is pushed through the Liner and expanded to insure it fits snugly in the pipe.  After a few hours, the soft Liner turns into a hard shell, the resins inside the Liner heat it up, and it bonds with the existing pipe.  This product will allow repair of sewer pipes under roads and helps to avoid excavations that could impede traffic.


PLI will provide instruction and training to City Environmental Services personnel. Materials will be stored for future repairs to our system.  Upon completion of a three day, onsite training program, City personnel will obtain certification for use and maintenance.  Training and certification is included in their quote. 



1.  Approve the purchase from Perma-Liner Industries, Inc.; or

2.  Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate



Fiscal Impact

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