Meeting Date:           May 11, 2009


From:                          J. Cunningham Perry, Human Resources Director


Subject:                      Proposed Personnel Changes To Be Effective October 1, 2009



Staff Recommendation:

Staff recommends approval of the attached personnel changes for Fiscal Year 2009-10, effective October 1, 2009.  Exhibit “A” provides detailed justification and financial impact for each department request.



Staff believes the recommended changes are necessary to streamline the organization, improve cross-training, acknowledge additional job responsibilities as a result of position consolidation, and provide market equity where it is absolutely essential. 



1.      Authorize the proposed personnel changes listed as Exhibit “A”; or

2.      Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate.



Fiscal Impact:  

See Table Below






















Proposed Title

Increase/ Change





Total Impact

to fund

General Fund


Customer Service Reps (4)







Collections Supervisor













Information Technology

Data Base Admin/ GIS Manager










Admin Assistant II














Gas Maintenance Tech







Mobile Equipment Op II














Administrative Asst II







Communication Tech I







Communication Tech II







Communication Tech III














Industrial Waste Tech














Laboratory Manager






Canal St Trmnt

IPP Inspector












Total Cost










Submission Date and Time:    5/6/2009 12:41 PM____


Department: _____HR_______________

Prepared by:  ____Jakki Perry_________                     

Attachments:         Yes____   No ______

Advertised:   ____Not Required ______                     

Dates:   __________________________                     

Attorney Review :       Yes___  No ____



Revised 6/10/04


Reviewed by: Dept. Head ________


Finance  Dept. __________JB______                                     


Deputy C.M. ___________________                                                                         

Submitted by:

City Manager ___________________


Account No. _________________


Project No. ___________________


WF No. ______________________


Budget  ______________________


Available _____________________



RESOLUTION NO._______________






            THAT the City Commission hereby approves the proposed personnel changes (Exhibit “A”), effective October 1, 2009 for fiscal year 2009-10 and


             THAT this resolution shall become effective October 1, 2009.



PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Commission of the City of Leesburg, Florida, at a regular meeting held the 11th day of May 2009











City Clerk








Exhibit “A”





Current Title:               Clerical Assistant/Cashiers (4)            Current Pay grade:     111

Proposed Title:            Customer Service Rep (4)                 Proposed Pay grade:  115

                        Paygrade 111             9.87 - 14.46 (hourly)   $20,529  -   $30,076 (Annually)

                        Paygrade 115           11.52 - 16.89 (hourly)   $23,961  -   $35,131 (Annually)


Total Increase/Change         + $10,659


This provides our customer service department with the opportunity to cross train both the customer service specialist and cashiers to perform the same job functions and provide full range of services to our citizens.  Also provides flexibility to fill job functions in both areas should scheduling become a conflict at the time of a vacancy. 



Current Title:               Head Cashier (1)                                Current Pay grade:     118

Proposed Title:            Collections Supervisor (1)                  Proposed Pay grade:  120

                        Paygrade 118           12.93 – 18.98 (hourly)   $26,894  -   $39,478 (Annually)

                        Paygrade 120           13.97 – 20.51 (hourly)   $29,057  -   $42,660 (Annually)


                                                Total Increase/Change         +$2,137


Incumbent handles the same supervisory responsibilities as Meter Supervisor and Customer Accounts Supervisor, i.e., completing staff evaluations, monitoring performance, handling customer complaints, recommendations of new hires, and overseeing the daily operations of the Collections unit in all aspects. 



Current Title:               Clerical Assistant (1)                           Current Pay grade:     111

Proposed Title:            Receptionist (1)                                   Proposed Pay grade:  111

(Title Change Only)


Total Increase/Change     None


Proposed title better defines the responsibilities of the position for future market analysis. 




Information Technology


Current Title:               Data Base Administrator                     Current Pay grade:     133

Proposed Title:            Data Base Admin/GIS Mgr                 Proposed Pay grade:  135


Paygrade 133           23.17 – 34.01 (hourly)   $48,193  -   $70,740 (Annually)

                        Paygrade 135           25.05 – 36.77 (hourly)   $52,104  -   $76,481 (Annually)


Total Increase/Change     +$3,807


In early February of 2008, current incumbent assumed full supervisory duties for the GIS Division, establishing new guidelines and goals and performing all administrative duties for the division. Incumbent has provided a complete project schedule defining timelines for each division goal, assigned redefined individual responsibilities and goals for GIS staff, and set milestones.  All goals were completed on time and results exceeded expectations. 

* Additionally, the existing Engineering/GIS division has been separated into two parts, moving 4 existing GIS positions to a newly created GIS Division in the IT Department and moving 2 existing positions into a newly created Engineering Division in the Public Works Department.  There is no net increase or decrease in the number of positions.





Current Title:               Admin Assistant I                                Current Pay grade:     117

Proposed Title:            Admin Assistant II                               Proposed Pay grade:  119


Paygrade 117        12.44 – 18.26 (hourly)      $25,875 - $37,981 (Annually)

                        Paygrade 119        13.44 – 19.73 (hourly)      $27,955 - $41,038 (Annually)


Total Increase/Change         + $1,621

On April 12, 2008, the incumbent was promoted from the title of Code Enforcement Specialist to the title of Administrative Assistant I. She took on the responsibilities of her new title while maintaining her previous duties in Code Enforcement. Her willingness to take on additional responsibilities has resulted in a substantial savings to the City; however, it has also resulted in one person doing the work that previously required two. During the first six months of her new assignment, the incumbent volunteered for several additional duties for the betterment of the police department, to include the positions of software coordinator, trainer, and advisor for the implementation of the new OSSI software system. Based upon past and present performance, incumbent meets or exceeds all requirements for the position of Administrative Assistant II.





Current Title:               Mobile Equipment Operator II                        Current Pay grade:     115

Proposed Title:            Gas Maintenance Technician             Proposed Pay grade:  118


Paygrade 115           11.52 – 16.89 (hourly)   $23,961  -   $35,131 (Annually)

                        Paygrade 118           12.93 – 18.98 (hourly)   $26,894  -   $39,478 (Annually)


Total Increase/Change     +$2,063


Over the last couple of years, new regulations and programs such as RP 1162 Public Awareness, and Distribution Integrity Management have been approved or are nearing approval by the Florida Public Service Commission.  These programs require that the current Gas Maintenance Foreman to spend greater amounts of time in the office to maintain additional records, perform training and implement procedural changes and modifications.  The incumbent’s former primary responsibility was to support and assist the Gas Maintenance Foreman in all field facility maintenance.  As a result of the Foreman spending more time in the office, the incumbent now spends the majority of his day working independently to maintain gas facilities.  The reclassification reflects the change in the incumbent’s responsibilities. 




Current Title:               Mobile Equipment Operator I             Current Pay grade:     113

Proposed Title:            Mobile Equipment Operator II                        Proposed Pay grade:  115


Paygrade 113           10.66 – 15.63 (hourly)   $22,172  -   $32,510 (Annually)

Paygrade 115           11.52 – 16.89 (hourly)   $23,961  -   $35,131 (Annually)


Total Increase/Change     +$1,400


Incumbent joined the City of Leesburg in June of 2006 as a Mobile Equipment Operator I.  Since that time his skill on equipment and job knowledge has greatly increased.  The job description for MEO I and MEO II are virtually the same.  The designation of MEO II simply denotes an employee that possesses greater skill on equipment and by virtue of job experience and performance, one who can be trusted with greater responsibility.  The incumbent has aggressively pursued these skills and job knowledge.  His performance has demonstrated that he has a firm grasp of the requirements of the position.  He received an “exceeds expectations” on his most recent evaluation.  He is a team player and is well liked and respected by his fellow employees.  This reclassification reflects the incumbent’s work history and performance.





Current Title:               Administrative Asst. I                          Current Pay grade:     117

Proposed Title:            Administrative Asst. II                         Proposed Pay grade:  119


Paygrade 117           12.44 – 18.26 (hourly)   $25,875  -   $37,980 (Annually)

Paygrade 119           13.44 – 19.73 (hourly)   $27,955  -   $41,038 (Annually)


Total Increase/Change     +$1,697


The incumbent has become a critical member of the Utility in several key areas that contribute directly to our financial stability and growth. She has complete responsibility for supporting our Work Order processes including creation of work order’s, material template updating, creation of estimates for inclusion in all contracts with new customers, tracking of materials and hours charged to capital and non-capital work orders, processing of work order completions, and most importantly, unitization of all capital work orders. She has also assisted and participated in the process of FCC reporting required by our E-Rate participation, a critical component to keeping our largest customer [Lake County School Board] in line for reimbursement of a percentage of their costs for our contracted fiber optic service.



Current Title:               Comm. Groundsman                          Current Pay grade:     119

Proposed Title:            Comm. Technician I                           Proposed Pay grade:  121


Paygrade 119           13.44 – 19.73 (hourly)   $27,955  -   $41,038 (Annually)

Paygrade 121           14.52 – 21.32 (hourly)   $30,201  -   $44,345 (Annually)


Total Increase/Change     +$1,772

The current incumbent is working under the direction of the Communications Lineman as a Groundsman.  He has also been trained to perform most of the functions of a lineman, including being qualified to work above the ground in the bucket.  He has had on the job training in basic electrical concepts in order to recognize and avoid power lines.  Although our cable is mainly installed in the communications space, there are many instances where cable is in relatively close proximity to power lines.  Careful approach to poles while in the bucket is a key to safety.  Incumbent and our Lineman are both now certified to splice fiber optic cable, having completed a Certified Fiber Optic Technician and Certified Fiber Optic Specialist/Testing program at UCF in February of 2008.  This increased technical skill not only provides the City with back up capability in fiber splicing, it also increased our flexibility by having additional staff members who can be a primary splicing technician when needed, as well as an overhead Communications Groundsman/ Lineman when needed. 




Current Title:               Comm. Lineman                                 Current Pay grade:     127

Proposed Title:            Comm. Technician II                          Proposed Pay grade:  128


Paygrade 127           18.33 – 26.93 (hourly)   $38,126  -   $56,014 (Annually)

Paygrade 128           19.06 – 27.99 (hourly)   $39,201  -   $58,219 (Annually)


Total Increase/Change     +$3,070


It is critical for customer installations and other support services that our overhead crew performs their function in a resourceful, skillful, and safe manner at all times. Crews are not electric lineman but frequently must work in close proximity to electric lines. Much of our installed infrastructure is not in the communications space on utility poles, primarily because much of it was installed by city electric crews. It presents a challenge to our overhead crew and requires constant awareness of the potential dangers, in addition to basic electric line skills.  Current employee completed classes and was awarded certificates for ‘Basic Electricity for Electric Line Workers’; ‘Electrical Distribution Substations’, and several other electric utility support courses. Additionally he must provide on-site supervision of our Groundsman on a daily basis, provide input to the Communications Manager, and participate in all performance reviews for the Communications Groundsman.



Current Title:               Sr. Comm. Technician                       Current Pay grade:     127

Proposed Title:            Comm. Technician III                                     Proposed Pay grade:  129


Paygrade 127           18.33 – 26.93 (hourly)   $38,126  -   $56,014 (Annually)

Paygrade 129           19.82 – 29.10 (hourly)   $41,225  -   $60,528 (Annually)


                                                Total Increase/Change     +$3,270


This position has recently required upgrading due to implementation of Fiber Manager Software.  The incumbent is required to have training in the implementation of the software, but also training in ESRI / GIS software. He is currently working to implement this software, which is critical to our Utility’s ability to maintain and update our fiber routing and splice mapping.  Additionally, this position is the senior technical position in the Utility, and as such requires the employee to provide mentoring and training in splicing and mapping, as well as on-the-job training in GIS and Fiber Manager.  The incumbent has embraced these responsibilities.  He has also indicated interest in the Communications Manager position at some point in the future, which will provide a career path not only for his position, but a career path for the other two line crew/ splicing technician positions.





Environmental Services


Wastewater/New position


Proposed Title:            Industrial Waste Technician                Proposed Pay grade:  111


Paygrade 111           9.87 – 14.46 (hourly)     $20,529  -   $30,076 (Annually)


Total Increase/Change         +34,931


The wastewater operating permits for implementation of reclaimed water require substantial additional sampling and analysis at both facilities, as well as in the field.  Current staffing levels do not support this additional permit-required work.  The proposed additional member of our staff is to handle the additional compliance sampling requirements required by the reuse portion of the permit.  Current staffing levels do not support this additional workload.  By way of example, when reclaimed water is available for distribution, we will have to sample 7 days a week for certain analyses, which is an increase from the single sampling of once per week, under current requirements.  The additional staff person would also aide in the input of data into our Oil & Grease Management regulatory compliance software.






Current Title:               Laboratory Manager                           Current Pay grade:     125

Proposed Title:            Laboratory Manager                           Proposed Pay grade:  130




                        Paygrade 125           16.96 – 24.90 (hourly)   $35,276  -   $51,792 (Annually)

Paygrade 130           20.61 – 30.26 (hourly)   $42,868  -   $62,940 (Annually)


Total Increase/Change     +$3,120


This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline. The requirements for regulatory compliance rest equally on the Chief Operators and the Laboratory Manager.  This requirement for the Bachelor’s degree, coupled with the professional duties and responsibilities of the position relative to regulatory compliance, are more appropriately classified as Paygrade 130, the same paygrade as the Chief Plant Operators. 




Current Title:               Utility Inspector                                   Current Pay grade:     118

Proposed Title:            IPP Inspector                                      Proposed Pay grade:  121




Paygrade 118           12.93 – 18.98 (hourly)   $26,894  -   $39,478 (Annually)

Paygrade 121           14.52 – 21.32 (hourly)   $30,201  -   $44,345 (Annually)



Total Increase/Change     +$2,346



This position has a requirement to obtain a C level Industrial Pretreatment Program license within two years of hire date.  Even though it is not required at this time, it is preferred to amend the position requirements to obtain a B level license within the time frame of five years, from hire date.  Based on the skill level required for this position, reclassification of the Utility Inspector position to the same level as a Wastewater Operator B position is recommended.  In comparing the two positions, both are similar in terms of sampling and analysis, reporting and records, equipment calibration and computer software use, etc.  Additional responsibilities for this position will include public presentations/educational programs, public interaction, compliance