Meeting Date:           August 24, 2009


From:                          Barbara J. Morse, Library Director


Subject:                      Concerning the Appeal for the Removal of Certain Library Materials



Staff Recommendation:

The Library Advisory Board met on June 10 in a special session to hear the request of Ms. Dixie Fechtel and Ms. Dianne Venetta to remove certain books from the Young Adult Department to the Adult Collection because of content.  After hearing the statements by Ms Fechtel and Ms Venetta and others in the audience, the Library’s Advisory Board voted that the items should remain in the Young Adult collection.  The transcript of that meeting is attached.



Ms. Fechtel first contacted the Leesburg City Commission via e-mail on August 13, 2008.  The e-mail was sent to the Library Director for response since it pertained to the library’s collection.  The Library Director responded, also by e-mail, on August 14 2008.  In early February 2009, Ms. Fechtel and Ms. Venetta requested a meeting with the Library Director in order to file a formal Request for Reconsideration which is part of the library’s procedural policy.  Ms. Wendy Breeden, Director of the Lake County Library System also attended that meeting.  According to policy, the requested research of the two books in question was conducted over the next several weeks with a formal written response submitted on March 3, 2009.  On March 17, 2009, a letter was sent to the Library Advisory Board appealing the decision of the Library Director.  The Advisory Board’s regular meeting was in April but the complainants were scheduled to be out of town; a special meeting was scheduled for June 10, 2009.  The results of that meeting are cited above, to retain the items in the Young Adult department of the Library.  Attached you will find all of the documents filed in response to the complaint.



1.      Leave library items reviewed as appropriate for young adults in the Young Adult Department

2.      Move items named in the complaint to the Adult Department

3.      Require the Library Advisory Board to develop a policy to label all materials reviewed for young adults as outlined by Ms. Fechtel and Ms. Venetta

4.      Such alternative action as the Commission may deem appropriate



Fiscal Impact

It would be difficult to determine an actual dollar amount for fiscal impact of such a policy.  It would require more staff time to research each item purchased to determine appropriate placement beyond that recommended by the review media and supplies and staff time for a retrospective relabeling project.



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